About us

We like what we like, the way we like it...crispy.


It All Started With Mikey...

We are all about Made in America

Like you, I enjoy a bowl of cold crispy cereal. Unfortunately it would only last a few bites. So I designed my own bowl that would keep every bite as crispy as the first bite. Two years of design and prototypes and the Obol became a reality. I make it in California, USA. Yes it cost a little more, but you know it will be a safe and well made product that can last a lifetime. No other bowl has the patented "Spiral Slide Design™. This is the best bowl you've ever seen. I guarantee it.

And We Like To Have Fun

Someone you know hate soggy cereal? Put an Obol in front of them. Problem solved. Kids love eating everything with Obol funtheir Obol. They use it for everything, soup and crackers or milk and cookies even yogurt and fruit. I know you'll enjoy it too. There is no risk to try it. Either you love it or your money back.  Michael Roberts - inventor